Dry January/Feel Good
February Small Grants Scheme (2018)

Please check back here in a few weeks time to find out who has been successful and what projects will be running in your area as a result!

Deadline for submissions is 4pm on Monday 27 November 2017 

Applications submitted after this date and time won’t be considered.



Three of the five Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams (NIDACTs) operating in NI – namely Northern, Southern and South Eastern DACTs are running small grants schemes in support of Dry January/Feel Good February 2018.  Grants of up to £500 are available (one per organisation per DACT/HSCT area) to develop and run initiatives in support of Dry January/Feel Good February 2017. To find out what is happening in Belfast and Western Area contact connections@bdact.info or connections@wdact.info.  Check back mid-December to get more info on what grants have been awarded and what activities are taking place.


Purpose of Funding

The focus of Dry January is to support and encourage people to totally abstain from drinking alcohol for that whole month by providing alcohol related information, advice and/or support and/or providing alcohol-free leisure and social alternatives.


The focus of Feel Good February is to support and encourage people who have participated in Dry January to maintain some of the good habits or alternatives that they have put in place (e.g. continuing not to drink alcohol with meals, continuing with a leisure interest or hobby that they may have started in January as an alternative to habits or social activities they used to do which involved alcohol) through February and beyond.

 Before Applying – Important Information

  • Organisations currently in receipt of PHA funding to provide drug and alcohol services CANNOT apply.
  • Private sector/businesses CANNOT apply.
  • Organisations working with young people i.e. those aged 17 and under CANNOT apply unless their initiative is targeted at adults i.e. Parents/Carers who are 18+.
  • You CANNOT apply to develop or print resources and you CANNOT apply to purchase equipment.
  • Events/initiatives which the award panel deem duplicate existing services will not be assessed – the local DACT Connections service will however outline in their response to you how it is a duplication.
  • Facilitator costs are capped at a max. of £20 per hour.
  • Costs for venue/catering must be proportionate to the overall proposal and we will not consider applications which are solely for venue/catering costs unless you have clearly demonstrated within your application that you have sourced additional or in-kind funding from other sources.
  • All proposed initiatives which include a catering component must adhere to guidelines on Healthy Eating (i.e. ‘fast food’ options won’t be considered).
  • As part of the proposed initiative all applicants must outline how they will incorporate delivery of an alcohol awareness-raising session which is to be delivered by the local DACT Connections service.
  • The proposed initiative must take place within the timeframe of the 8th January to 28th February 2018.

Important Dates

  • Webpage will be operational/open for applications from Monday 6 November 2017.
  • Deadline for submissions is 4pm on Monday 27 November 2017 – applications submitted after this date and time won’t be considered.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 1 December 2017, with formal letters of offer issued by Friday 8 December 2017.
  • All successful applicants will be required to attend a Post Award Information Session on Tuesday 19 December – the local DACT Connections service will confirm venue and time in your letter of offer.
  • Upon completion of their event/initiative(s) grantees will be expected to complete a brief overview (template will be provided) of how their event/initiative went and return it to their local DACT Connections Service before 31 March 2017.

Click on the map which HSCT/DACT locality your initiative will be delivered in:

Dry January/Feel Good
February Small Grants Scheme (2018)