The Public Health Agency and five local DACTs have established a protocol to guide and inform how local drug and/or alcohol incidents should be addressed – particularly where concerns are raised at community level (e.g. hot spot areas for drinking, drug taking, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, etc.).

Via this agreed process the DACT and its Connections Service can bring on board key players (service providers and/or stakeholders) in a timely manner to put in place a plan of action with the DACT and/or Connections then taking on the responsibility for ensuring that the plan is implemented and that all partners are held accountable in meeting the agreed targets and actions.

The diagram below outlines how the Protocol works in practice, however the link to the full Protocol document gives more detailed information on how the process works, links in with DAMIS-the Drug and Alcohol Monitoring and Information System and who all is involved and at what level.

If you have a concern about drugs and alcohol use/misuse in your area please don’t hesitate to contact your local DACT Connections Service:



South Eastern



To access the ‘DACT Local Drug and Alcohol Incident Protocol’ click here