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RAPID is a community-led initiative supported regionally by the PSNI and Public Health Agency, and locally by Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams and Policing and Community Safety Partnerships.

RAPID raises awareness of the risks and harms to individuals, to families and to communities of using and misusing drugs.

RAPID Disposal Stations (click a pin for more location info)

What is it?

RAPID is a health and community safety focused initiative that promotes and facilitates the removal of all types of prescription and illegal drugs from the local community.

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How does it work?

Your local DACT Connections Service and Policing and Community Safety Partnership have worked closely with community partners and local businesses to identify a suitable location for the RAPID drug disposal bin in your area.

Should you have, or come across, unwanted or unused drugs (whether prescribed or illegal) you are encouraged to deposit them in the RAPID bin safely and discreetly enabling police to then dispose of the drugs ensuring that they are out of ‘harm’s way’ for good.

The RAPID drug disposal bin is purposefully located in a place designed to offer as much anonymity as possible to the person making the deposit. Police routinely collect and record information on the drugs deposited in the bins however no personal information is required or sought.

What happens to the drugs handed in?

It is the responsibility of the PSNI to regularly empty and record the contents (in relation to types and quantities of drugs that have been deposited) of the RAPID drug disposal bin.

Once emptied and recorded, the drugs are then taken to a local PSNI Station where they are stored until they can be destroyed.

Police may send some random samples (or a specific substance if there’s cause for concern) to the Forensic Service of Northern Ireland for verification and/or to assess their toxic quality.

PSNI statistics on the type and quantities of drugs collated and destroyed via the RAPID initiative are available by visiting www.drugsandalcoholni.info/RAPID or by contacting your local DACT Connections Service or PCSP – contact details given on the back page of this leaflet.

Illegal Drugs

While the RAPID bins can be used to dispose of all types of drugs to date only trace amounts of illegal drugs have been deposited in the existing bins with the vast majority of deposits (over 90%) being that of prescription medication tablets (though these may not necessarily have been prescribed via a GP i.e. obtained illegally and/or be counterfeit in nature)

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The Aims of RAPID

  • The overall aim of the RAPID initiative is to reduce risk – at individual, family and community level – in relation to drug use and availability by providing a means for local people to dispose of, any drugs that they may have obtained, directly or indirectly, and which they would now like to ensure are put out of harm’s way.
  • Reduced availability = reduced opportunities in relation to both supply and demand = safer communities
  • Increased awareness = individuals more informed about risks and consequences and therefore making better choices = safer communities
How to get involved…

If you want to get involved in RAPID, simply fill out the expression of interest form below and it will be picked up by your local DACT-Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team rep and/or your local PCSP-Policing and Community Safety Partnership rep who will get back to you in due course.

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